Monday, November 16, 2009

You can imagine...

You can probably imagine that after printing those wedding announcements I was ready to step back from the press and take a long vacation!
Well It finally happened!(in October... just a few months later!)
We took a road trip to San Francisco! It was a much needed vacation with all the recent events of this past year. It was such a good trip! We did have an ulterior motive to go.
The Guild of Bookworkers conference was being held there the end of the month and we registered to go. It was great to go for a little extra time before the conference and just explore! We did so much the first day we were really tired the second day! Being there a full week before the conference really allowed us to take our time! We feel like we saw a lot more of the city than we would have in just two or three days! We were so lucky to stay at my Great Uncle Ed's and we enjoyed visiting with him and his Lady friend Betsy. San Francisco is such an interesting place. There are so many things to see... so many people to watch... and so many things to be inspired by!
I really think that there is something magical about that city!
I will post some of my favorite pics from the trip!