Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Letterpress Woes!

I am printing a wedding announcement for my friend Mandi Wilding... we'll see if she is my friend after the fact! We have had so many issues with the press that I dont know how much more we can handle! My husband Michael is just about ready to take a sledge hammer to the vandercook! 
Its not all the presses fault though! At first it was the plates and then we realized that it needed a little maintenance, and now since we messed with the rollers so much the other night we are having a hard time getting those squared up and ready so we can print. In the meantime we have used a lot of paper and time just trying to get it done. We were supposed to have the project ready and done last friday or saturday! Oh boy!  Here are some pics of the announcement design and envelopes that we were able to print. And I was just informed that Michael has beaten the beast! (not with a braun but with his brains!!! I love you Michael!!!)