Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not much printing going on HERE!

Here are the chicks at about one week old!
Aren't they cute!
This one doesn't have a name yet...
Michael keeps calling her chicken Nugget!
"Kun Pao" is peeking out behind her!

Here is Kitty, Socks, or Booger...
I've started to call him Snoogie too!
What name do you like?

So I am not doing so good about show casing my art! I have been using this blog as more of a update on our family(small though it is). Any way! My goal this christmas was to do a christmas card(which failed miserably) and I was going to mention a new blog that you could keep up with us there, I thought that it was a good idea! But again I slacked and christmas came and went... I promise I thought about the card... I cut out the paper and began making a plate for it... it just didn't happen! So here I am with some more silly pictures of my family the chickens and the kitty. We named the cat Socks but he really just gets called booger 'cause he can be one! And the chickens have names... well some of them, so far there is Tiny spicy(she's the runt), and Kun pao(she's the fiesty one!!) We have one that is kind of a gold or orange and black... I'd like to call her Dottie! Any way I will take more pictures of art... I promise!