Saturday, February 2, 2008

I'm Tickled Pink!!!

So... Way back in the spring of '07 I went to a print conference and was approached by the Residency Coordinator from Highpoint Center for Printmaking. She asked me if I would want to participate in a show the following spring. I accepted and went through all of the necessary paper work involved. I was asked to send photo images of my pieces for reference and then to send the prints themselves at a later time. Upon hearing that my prints had made it to Minnesota she also mentioned that they had chosen my print for the postcard... well I was imagining that there would be a few other pieces by other artists put on the postcard as well. Two weeks went by and I got the postcards in the mail... And My print is the only one on the front!!!
Pretty darn exciting! I am really tickled pink about it! There were a lot of other really good artists that are participating in the show that I have actually met and one that I went to school with who is getting statewide attention! So anyway I thought I would share in my JOY!!!